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Our clinic has the LASIK TÜV SÜD Stamp of the German Technical Inspection Association!

Tightening of the eyes through upper eyelid correction

The correction and tightening of eyelids is one of the specialities of the AugenLaserZentrum Wiesbaden/Mainz. We have been executing operations for many years on a regular basis and with great success.
Here we work on the highest level of quality: the most modern OP-techniques and the execution of regular advanced trainings are a matter of course for us. We master the newest standards for complicated surgeries.

Which requirements must be fulfilled?
Before the surgery, a personal consultation meeting occurs in which we explain the possibilities and possible risks. In principle, the surgery can be done at any age. Where appropriate, internal eye diseases must be ruled out in advance.

During and after the operation
We execute upper eyelid correction as an outpatient surgery under local anaesthesia of the upper eyelid. Before the operation, we create an individual operation plan and draw the optimal incision line with a fine pen.

During the eyelid tightening, excess skin, wrinkles and, where appropriate, fatty tissue will be removed.
After the operation, the eyelid will be cooled with cooling pads. Just as after every operation, slight swelling and redness is possible, but it usually disappears by itself relatively quickly. The razor-thin cut is in the eyelid crease when the eyes are opened. After healing, it is nearly impossible to see.
After the surgery it is clearly flatter, the eye area and view are opener and appear more youthful. The eyes have a more shining and larger appearance.
In order to promote a quick healing, you should give yourself and your eyes rest for the first two weeks and not engage in any sporting activities right away. Normally, you can go back to work after three days. After about a week, the stitches will be removed and no later than two weeks after the operation, the last of the swelling will disappear and you will not be able to see much from the operation any more.
If our patients desire, we can also execute the surgery in twilight-sleep or in general anaesthesia.

Possible complications and risks
In our experience, there are only complications in very rare cases for upper eyelid tightening, which usually disappear independently after a short amount of time. Nevertheless, we comprehensively inform our patients about possible complications and risks.

Just as with all operations, slight bruises or stronger swelling may arise. This usually wears off quickly by itself. A slight dryness of the eyes directly after the operation is normal.

Medical indication
There are also medical indications for upper eyelid tightening. In this case, where appropriate, your health insurance will take over the costs for the operation.
With growing age, the skin and circumorbital ring muscles weaken, the eyelids become heavier, and the eyes tired. In severe cases, the skin on the upper eyelid may be so droopy that only the eyelashes hinder the upper eyelid with its excess skin from sinking downwards.
In these cases, there may be hindrances in the patient’s vision, their view is hindered. This may lead to restrictions, e.g. at computer workplaces or while driving. If this is the case, there is a medical indication for surgery.

The costs depend on the scope of the surgery. Would you prefer general anaesthesia instead of local narcosis? How comprehensive is the actual operation, what “condition” are your eyelids in?
After an individual and detailed consultation meeting, you will receive your personal offer. This covers all costs - you will receive planning security without the risk of further costs. In our experience, the costs are normally between 1,200.00 and 2,000.00 Euro for both eyes incl. anaesthesia, operating expenses and after-care.
Usually the patients must pay the costs for an upper eyelid correction themselves. Just as for the Eye-LASIK, we would be happy to offer you a financing. Please ask us.

More information
Are you interested in an eyelid operation? We would be happy to provide you with a free and non-binding consultation.

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