Good vision in old age with trifocal lenses

Do you want your presbyopia corrected by surgery? Then trifocal intraocular lenses are for you. These are used as substitute for the natural lens and compensate for presbyopia. Your life will be much easier without annoying glasses!

Trifocal intraocular lenses – tiny, but high-tech
Trifocal intraocular lenses are special lenses made of plastic and have one big advantage: They can compensate for presbyopia as well as short- and long-sightedness at the same time, i.e. they work like “varifocals in the eye”. With their help, you can read without glasses and see objects in the distance. This is achieved by three points of focus of the lenses: one for distance, one for intermediate and one for near vision.

For the intermediate distances, the lens has further focal points – this allows for a clear transition between near and distance vision. Just imagine trifocal lenses as a number of lenses within a lens. There is a focal point for any distance, which bundles the light – giving the patient the freedom of precise vision without glasses.

The operation
During the operation, the natural lens is removed by a small intervention. A trifocal intraocular implant is then inserted; this replaces the natural lens. After the operation, patients do not feel the implanted lens, the lens is also invisible to the eye. As with other intraocular lenses, the operation is performed under local anaesthesia as outpatient procedure. Both eyes will be operated on within a few days. Full vision is achieved about 10 weeks after the procedure.

Clear vision with less contrast
Many patients appreciate that they no longer have to rely on glasses and thus accept the few unavoidable restrictions due to trifocal lenses. The distribution of focal points on the lens slightly reduces the contrast. Visual acuity is slightly lower than in correction by glasses.

Toric lenses for severe astigmatism
With the latest generation of toric trifocal lenses, it is possible to correct even very severe astigmatism. Any remaining visual defect can be corrected by LASIK once the eyes are healed from surgery. Whether this is necessary, depends on your personal prescription. Please contact us for a consultation at the LZW.

Reimbursement by health insurance

Cover for trifocal lenses can vary from insurer to insurer. Please contact us and your insurance company regarding the option of reimbursement.

EyeLaserCenter Wiesbaden – Expert advice

Whether the implantation of trifocal lenses is beneficial for you, can only be decided after a comprehensive examination and a personal consultation. If you are interested in a life without glasses, contact us to arrange an appointment with us:
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