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Modern Wellness:
Eyelid correction/blepharoplasty at the LZW.
Your eyes will look brighter and bigger

The very natural ageing process often becomes noticeable first in the face – especially in the delicate eye area. Intensive sunbathing, stress, and nicotine consumption exacerbate the situation. Over the years, unsightly excess skin and small fat deposits can form. The muscle tension also decreases. Drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes can be the result, making the face looks tired and weary.

With a plastic eyelid correction (blepharoplasty) at the LZW, age-related sagging of the delicate eyelid skin can be improved to achieve an aesthetically beautiful and natural result.

We have performed this operation routinely and successfully for many years. The same applies here: we only work at the highest level of quality and with advanced surgical techniques.

What are the requirements?
Before any procedure, we will advise you in detail, explain the benefits and any potential risks. Any internal eye disease must be excluded. This surgery can be performed at any age.

During and after surgery

The upper eyelid surgery as carried out as outpatient procedure under a local anaesthetic. Before surgery, we prepare an individual operative plan and mark the best operation site with a fine pen. We also remove excessive skin, wrinkles and fatty tissue, where appropriate.
After the precision surgery, you must hold cold compresses to the eyelid. As in all operations, there may be slight swelling and redness, which usually quickly disappears on its own. The swelling may cause short-term mild eye dryness at night.

Natural upper eyelid fold, opening up the eye

This procedure emphasises the natural upper eyelid fold, the upper eyelids are significantly smoother, and the eyes are more open and more youthful. They seem brighter and bigger. The very thin cut is almost invisible after healing, hidden in the eyelid fold of the open eye.
After the operation you should take it easy for two weeks and give your eyes a rest. Take a break from sports – this promotes rapid wound healing! You can usually go back to work after a few days. The stitches are removed after about a week and after two weeks at the latest any remaining swelling will have disappeared. There will be no signs that you have had surgery.

Personal consultation and informed consent discussion

The LZW informs all patients in detail about possible risks, although in our experience complications are very rare.
If requested by the patient, the procedure will be performed under sedation or general anaesthesia.

Reimbursement by insurer when medically justified

In some cases, upper eyelid surgery is medically justified. In this case, your health insurance company may pay for the operation.
When is the procedure medically justified? In cases, where, for example, excess skin on the eyelids – the orbicularis oculi muscle – has started to sag and hangs down over the lower edge of the lid to such an extent that only the eyelashes prevent the lid with excess skin from drooping down.
This can cause the view to be obstructed and visual impairment, for example when working on a computer or in traffic. This is a medical indication for surgery.

Cost of procedure

The cost is subject to the extent of the procedure. Would you like general anaesthesia instead of a local anaesthetic? What is the extent of the actual operation, and what is the “state” of your eyelids?
After an individual and detailed consultation, we will offer you a quotation. It will include all costs, and with no risk of additional payments, it will give you peace of mind. In our experience, the costs are usually between 1,500 and 2,500 euros for both eyes, including anaesthesia. If you are paying for yourself, we can offer you the same financing options as for the LASIK procedures. Please contact us for more information.

Are you interested in eyelid surgery?
Call us to arrange an appointment: 0611-360 220 or send an email to info@lasik-wiesbaden.de