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LASIK – Cost and health insurance

Cost of LASIK surgery

Depending on the procedure, the cost for surgery is between 1,000 euros and 2,100 euros per eye. The cost for preoperative and follow-up examinations is based on the German medical fee schedule (GOÄ). Additional costs are incurred in cases with extremely thin cornea, as this requires additional extensive examinations (aberrometry) before surgery (approx. 2,100 euros per eye).

Reimbursement by the statutory health insurance

If the procedure is not medically justified, the statutory health insurance companies will not pay for the treatment.

Reimbursement by private health insurance

Private health insurance companies will cover the costs of LASIK in whole or in part. It is advisable to inquire about the exact conditions with the respective health insurance company and to submit a cost estimate in any case.

Court decision sending out a strong signal

According to a decision of the State Court in Dortmund (AZ 2 S 17/05) private health insurers must pay the cost for eye laser treatment. The reasoning of the Court: Laser eye treatment is a recognised healing method, which can have better outcomes in the correction of poor eyesight than glasses or contact lenses only.
According to the Court, glasses and contact lenses only treat the symptoms, while laser eye surgery treats the cause of defective vision. Laser eye treatment is thus a medically necessary treatment. This is good news for those with private insurance, as it means private insurance companies will have to pay for the treatment.
If you have private insurance, you should talk to your insurer, when you plan to have laser eye treatment.

Eye surgery as tax-deductible expense

The cost of laser eye surgery can be declared as extraordinary expenditure on your German income tax statement.


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