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Financing and monthly payment

Keep an eye on your finances and talk to The EyeLaserCentre Wiesbaden about their offer of a LASIK finance plan. Our partner PVS is a renowned and reputable provider of low interest rates and easy instalment options.

LASIK for less than 100 euros a month!

Take advantage of our current low financing deal to pay for your LASIK procedure. This offer by our renowned financing partner, who specialises in medical financing, is only available for a short time.

Financing example:

Total cost of LASIK = 2.500 euros
Over 28 months
Monthly payments = only 97.75 euros
Final payment of 97.75 euros
No prepayment
Incl. effective annual rate of interest 237,28 euros
Incl. one-time processing fee of 19 euros
(PVS Limburg-Lahn)

We would be happy to draw up a personal financing plan!
And do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Call us on: 0611-360 220
 or send an email to: info@lasik-wiesbaden.de