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Have presbyopia laser correction at the LZW.
 Fast and painless

Reading without glasses like you did when you were young? SUPRACOR laser eye treatment makes it possible to ditch your reading glasses for age-related sight loss.

From the age of 45 for many of us reading, working on the computer or checking the time without glasses is becoming a challenge – close objects become increasingly blurred. However presbyopia, or age-related sight loss, can now be treated with SUPRACOR. The LZW makes it possible to live without glasses or contact lenses.

What is SUPRACOR? The perfected laser treatment

SUPRACOR is a highly advanced technique: Presbyopia is corrected with an excimer laser in combination with LASIK.
SUPRACOR was developed and perfected by Technolas Perfect Vision, a leading global manufacturer of eye lasers: A computer calculates how the laser must be guided in order to correct presbyopia.
The major advantage of the SUPRACOR procedure: It provides excellent long distance, intermediate and near vision, as well as retaining a high quality of vision. Unlike other procedures, the SUPRACOR procedure enables vision without unwanted aberrations within the pupil.

SUPRACOR and LASIK: Very high levels of patient satisfaction

If SUPRACOR is combined with LASIK, both eyes are treated for presbyopia and defective vision are treated in one session. The SUPRACOR procedure changes the refractive power of the eye in the area of the central cornea, while LASIK corrects the long-sightedness at the same time. The eye can thus see close objects clearly again.
The major benefit for patients: They can now live a normal life, with normal vision, without the need for glasses, contact lenses or lens surgery.
According to a survey, all patients who had SUPRACOR treatment would have SUPRACOR treatment again. 96% of these patients can now read a newspaper or work on the computer without the need for glasses.

Personal advice at the LZW

Make an appointment at the LZW find out if Supracor is right for you.
We are happy to explain and discuss options and possible risks.

Monovision LASIK: Clear vision without glasses in old age

In a monovision procedure, laser treatment adjusts one eye to see near objects clearly, and the other to see distant objects – i.e. one has near vision and the other distant vision. Alternatively, lenses can be implanted in the eye.
In patients over the age of 45, monovision LASIK can reduce the need for reading glasses. Monovision is suitable for short-sighted patients who have difficulty focusing on objects that are close-by.

During a thorough examination it is established whether or not this procedure is appropriate. Ahead of treatment, patients have to wear contact lenses to test, whether they can get used to the new situation and the different visual ranges.


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