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Clear vision after LASIK:
Sport without glasses or contact lenses

If you engage in sport, there are many good reasons for you to have laser eye surgery: Contact lenses and glasses can slip easily, in particular glasses. When sweating or moving quickly, they can fog up or become uncomfortable, for example when using them under ski and diving goggles, while contact lenses be lost easily.

With their limitations and restrictions, glasses or contact lenses often make it difficult to engage in sport, particularly water sports such as swimming or diving. There are also many sports, where glasses and their frames pose a high risk of injury. LASIK is the perfect solution for those, who love their sport, but don’t want to have to think about whether they have packed their sports glasses or spare contact lenses – in particular since you can continue swimming or diving after LASIK surgery.

Immediately after surgery, athletes should refrain from their sport for a few or reduce their activity for the first two to three weeks. Divers are not allowed to within the first few weeks after surgery. Athletes can then return to their activities.

There is a reason, why pros like Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong have had LASIK surgery. Only if top athletes can actually see the next green, the next bend or a fast ball, can they be successful in their profession. With LASIK, the disadvantages of glasses and contact lenses in sport are lasered away.

LASIK helps with poor eyesight and increases the quality of life – whether at work or during leisure activities. You need good eyesight at work – whether you are a professional golfer, sit at a computer or at the wheel of a car.