LZW ★★★★★ Qualität: 24 Jahre Erfahrung ★ Zertifizierte Sicherheit ★ Neueste Technologie ★ TOP-Ergebnisse ★ Chefarztbehandlung ★ Qualifiziertes Fachpersonal

ACE: Advanced Control Eyetracking / DRET: Dynamic Rotational Eye Tracking

With the LZW Zyoptix laser system with integrated ACE/DRET system, the LWZ uses the latest in high-tech LASIK.

The human iris is as unique and distinctive as a fingerprint. The Zyoptix 100 system creates a digital “map” of the iris, which serves as the basis of the multidimensional eye tracker.

It takes the eye tracker (ACE) only a split second to record eye movements during surgery in all directions (x- and y-axis), also upwards / downwards movements of the head (z-axis). The system compares location and position of the iris with the stored digital “map” and is then able to automatically compensate the movements (3D eye tracking) during the LASIK procedure.

DRET (Dynamic Rotational Eye Tracking) also balances out additional rotational or rolling movements of the eye. Thanks to the ACE / DRET system, the laser operates with a precision not previously achieved, particularly in astigmatism or just short-sightedness or long-sightedness.