LZW ★★★★★ Qualität: 24 Jahre Erfahrung ★ Zertifizierte Sicherheit ★ Neueste Technologie ★ TOP-Ergebnisse ★ Chefarztbehandlung ★ Qualifiziertes Fachpersonal

The LWZ meets the very highest standards of safety and hygiene

LZW is certified to ISO 9001:2015

Your eyes are precious. You should only entrust them to the best professionals!

Your benefits as a patient:

  • You receive personal, competent and attentive care in pleasant surroundings – before, during and after your treatment
  • At the LWZ, we only use state-of-the-art examining and laser devices, with regular maintenance carried out by a team of specialists.
  • This ensures a sterile environment and high-purity air in the entire treatment area.
  • Our air-conditioning system removes all dirt particles and bacteria from the air, the laser operates at constant room temperature at all times.
  • All members of our treatment and examining team undergo extensive training and continued education.

Further information at: www.tuev-sued.de/ms-zert.

LZW is the first clinic in Hesse to be awarded the hygiene seal of approval.

Your safety and hygiene remain our top priority – we take our responsibilities to our patients very seriously.

At a review of over 40 doctor’s practices in Wiesbaden, the LZW has fully met all requirements – our standard is exemplary, according to the Wiesbaden Department of Health.
In 2012 the LZW was awarded the Wiesbaden hygiene seal of approval (“Hygiene-Gütesiegel”).
Its goal is to reduce the number of post-operative infections through regular inspections.