Welcome to LZW LaserZentrum Wiesbaden, one of the most modern treatment centres for eye and laser treatments in Germany. I am delighted that you are interested in finding out more about LZW. My team and I place great value on precise and safe eye surgery. You can rest assured your eye treatment with us will go smoothly and safely. Whether eye laser surgery, lens replacement or an eyelid lift, LZW is the right partner for you!
With us you’ll see the world through new eyes.
I look forward to a personally meeting you, your friendly specialist for ophthalmology, Dr Beate Steinhorst, Clinic Manager

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Dr. Beate Steinhorst im Interview

über LASIK, FEMTO-LASIK und Teneo II, den schnellsten High Tech-Eximer-Laser von BAUSCH + LOMB. Lesen Sie das ganze Interview ...

Femto-LASIK –
No need to fear laser eye surgery

With Femto-LASIK, the safest laser method: extremely precise, blade-free and completely painless. For our especially nervous patients we offer the laser treatment now also in anaesthesia. 
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Laser eye surgery in 6 seconds!

As the first clinic in Germany, the LZW LaserZentrum Wiesbaden had the fastest laser system and has been offering this unique convenience nationwide since January 2017. The average operation time for one eye is 6 seconds. A previously unheard of level of precision.


Cataract surgery at the LZW:
Straightforward, outpatient procedure and painless!
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98% of our patients would recommend the LZW!

This high level of satisfaction showed a continuous patient survey in 2016. 

Sporty, sporty!

Some team members of EINTRACHT FRANKFURT had registered for eye check at the LZWs Clinic Manager Dr Beate Steinhorst. All's well!

Omar Mascarell, Alex Meier, David Abraham and Dr Beate Steinhorst

The best for your eyes!

Here are the Top reasons for choosing us!

lens exchange

Live a life free of any glasses
For a safe and precise correction of presbyopia (reading problems after the age of 45) the refractive lens exchange is a long practised and poor risk procedure by taking the own lens and providing an artificial premium lens. A clouding of the eye’s lens in later life is avoided by this. 
LZW is highly specialized on implantations of sophisticated trifocal intraocular lenses.


Refractive surgery:
More and more patients with cataracts have laser eye surgery at the LZW. Outstanding results and a life without glasses thanks to state-of-the-art lenses


Dr med. B. Steinhorst
Appointments by arrangement: Tel. 0611-360 220  

Clarification of cataract/glaucoma, retinal detachment,
driving vision assessments, diabetes eye checks,
eye checks for children, sport ophthalmology and more.

Wellness for the eyes

Eyelid lift using upper eyelid correction is one of the areas LZW LaserZentrum Wiesbaden specialises in. 
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Cataract surgery at the LZW:
Straightforward, outpatient procedure and painless!

Urgent cases


Preliminary check-up on Thursday, LASIK surgery
on Friday, follow-up examination Saturday and Sunday ...

LZW Tip No. 8 –
Have you already blinked today?

A very simple but effective tip if you suffer from dry eyes: Lubricate your eyes by blinking! Our tear glands continually secrete a small amount of tears that is distributed across the surface of the eyes each time we blink. Intentional frequent blinking increases lubrication of the eye and prevents burning eyes. Do this regularly, especially when working at the computer. More

LASIK financing

Fully financed LASIK: only 99 EUR per month!
Paying in instalments is always possible.
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LZW is certified by ISO 9001:2015.

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We also speak Arabic and Russian.

Laser surgery for presbyopia –
and happily get rid of your glasses from 48+

LZW offers safe, fast and pain-free treatment. After just one day, you will be able to read without glasses. Find out more

Instead of readers or multifocals
have laser and lenses!

A procedure of a few minutes only make it possible: Hardened or cloudy eye-lenses will be carefully replaced by ultramodern multifocal or trifocal intraocular lenses and could make glasses superfluous. A twilight sleep takes all the fears. See in your prime-age like you’ve had seen before. We will give you consultation

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