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LZW – the latest high-tech lasers
and the latest diagnostic technologies

Safe and precise LASIK

High Tech-Excimer-Laser at the LZW.
APT (Advanced Personalized Treatment): Precise individual diagnosis.
ACE (Advanced Control Eyetracking DRET): Iris recognition for all LASIK treatments.

Vision correction with high-tech excimer laser Excimer laser

The LZW uses the BAUSCH + LOMB TENEO II, regarded by experts as the world's leading excimer laser.

In combination with the latest LASIK diagnostic software Zyoptix APT system (Advanced Personalized Treatment), it simplifies all initial examinations and makes LASIK much more accurate.

Eye and head movements as well as eye-rolling during surgery are automatically compensated by the ACE system (Advanced Control Eyetracking) and the DRET (Dynamic Rotational Eye Tracker) within a fraction of seconds, to ensure optimal success of LASIK.

“With the world's leading excimer laser TENEO of BAUSCH + LOMB, we can provide our patients with the latest in surgical technology. The system fully meets our high standards of quality and safety for our patients”, is Dr Beate Steinhorst's praise for the quality of the high-tech system.

ACE: Advanced Control Eyetracking / DRET: Dynamic Rotational Eye Tracking

With the LZW Zyoptix laser system with integrated ACE/DRET system, the LWZ uses the latest in high-tech LASIK.

The human iris is as unique and distinctive as a fingerprint. The Zyoptix 100 system creates a digital “map” of the iris, which serves as the basis of the multidimensional eye tracker.

It takes the eye tracker (ACE) only a split second to record eye movements during surgery in all directions (x- and y-axis), also upwards / downwards movements of the head (z-axis). The system compares location and position of the iris with the stored digital “map” and is then able to automatically compensate the movements (3D eye tracking) during the LASIK procedure.

DRET (Dynamic Rotational Eye Tracking) also balances out additional rotational or rolling movements of the eye. Thanks to the ACE / DRET system, the laser operates with a precision not previously achieved, particularly in astigmatism or just short-sightedness or long-sightedness.

APT: Advanced Personalized Treatment

Careful examination before surgery is important for a successful LASIK surgery. At the LZW we use the APT system:

It ensures highly accurate diagnosis, a very safe LASIK and as a result the best possible quality of vision for our patients.

Thanks to APT, it is no longer necessary to dilate pupils before the examination, for eye measurements and to establish vision defects. For each eye, the system calculates how the cornea must be lasered to ensure the best possible vision for the patient. During surgery, the LASIK laser retrieves this data directly from our systems.

Thanks to the accurate diagnosis, excessive or insufficient removal of the cornea, i.e. over/under correction of the visual defect, is avoided.

TECHNOLAS TENEO II – the five most important benefits

  • treatment is 3x faster than with 1mm spots: This is made possible by the combination of 1 mm and 2 mm laser spots. It is more gentle on the eye tissue, and provides a smoother cornea surface
  • Eye recovery: The ergonomic design of the laser device allows better recovery of the eye between impulses and the patients are more relaxed.
  • Less corrective treatment: Using the advanced nomogram to calculate the level of laser ablation, avoids any over/under correction.
  • Precise eye tracking: Eye or head movements during LASIK do not affect the laser beam, due to the considerable distance between laser head and eye and the precise eye tracking systems.
  • Personalised iris recognition: The Zyoptix system archives a digital "map" of the iris together with individual treatment information. Iris recognition guarantees that the correct eye is always operated on.

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