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Private consultation
Dr. med. Beate Steinhorst
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“Individual and personal support is my highest goal.“

Dr. med. Beate Steinhorst

Medical procedures performed

Cataract / Diagnosis and Operation | Glaucoma / Symptoms and Treatment | Age-related Macular Degeneration | Keratoconus | Retinal Detachment | Strabism | Sicca Syndrom | Defective Vision | Myopia | Hyperopia | Astigmatism | Presbyopia | Ophthalmic Diagnostics (OCT / HRT / GDX) | Measurement of the eye (e.g. IOL-Master) | Slit lamp examination | Pachymetria/Orbscan | Ambulant eye surgery under general anesthesia | LASIK | Femto-LASIK | Laser surgery for presbyopia (SUPRACOR) PRK / PTK | Eyelid surgery


Lens Operations

Refractive lens surgery
Premium Intraocular lenses, e.g. toric lenses
Corneal Cross Linking (CCL)

Eyelid surgery

Plastic eyelid surgery
Hooded eyes
Eyelid tumour

Eye check

Diving licence
Traffic report
Visual field examination
Retinal examination
Glaucoma prevention
Eye tests

Children’s ophthalmology

Children’s eye examination
Occlusion treatment