LZW ★★★★★ Qualität: 24 Jahre Erfahrung ★ Zertifizierte Sicherheit ★ Neueste Technologie ★ TOP-Ergebnisse ★ Chefarztbehandlung ★ Qualifiziertes Fachpersonal

Vision correction with high-tech excimer laser Excimer laser

The LZW uses the BAUSCH + LOMB TENEO II, regarded by experts as the world’s leading excimer laser.

In combination with the latest LASIK diagnostic software Zyoptix APT system (Advanced Personalized Treatment), it simplifies all initial examinations and makes LASIK much more accurate.

Eye and head movements as well as eye-rolling during surgery are automatically compensated by the ACE system (Advanced Control Eyetracking) and the DRET (Dynamic Rotational Eye Tracker) within a fraction of seconds, to ensure optimal success of LASIK.

“With the world’s leading excimer laser TENEO of BAUSCH + LOMB, we can provide our patients with the latest in surgical technology. The system fully meets our high standards of quality and safety for our patients”, is Dr Beate Steinhorst’s praise for the quality of the high-tech system.